Sunday, April 24, 2005

Skywatch Conference 2006

Skywatch Conference 2006?

Anyone interested in a Skywatch Conference in 2006? I know I am. We need to get started now if it's to be a reality. If anyone on the list knows of a corporation that might be interested in co-sponsoring this non-profit event let me know.

I'd like this to be a first class event, with all the talent we have available to us here we should have no problem making it happen. I'm thinking about Dallas or Oklahoma City as the location sometime in Spring/Summer 2006.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Aztec 2005

Aztec 2005
"UFO's: The Search For Truth"
by Jim Hickman
The Friends of the Aztec Library presented the Aztec UFO conference 2005 on April 1st thru
3rd. The Entire town turned out for this annual event. There were
many people from around the world there.

Featured Speakers: Linda Moulten Howe, John Greenewald Jr, Rob
Swiatek, Dr. David Rudiak, Susan Swiatek, Jim Hickman, Moreen
Scully, Travis Walton, Scott D Ramsey, Special appearance Dennis
Balthaser as MC!

Proceeds generated went towards building a new Public Library in
Aztec. The first event on Friday night was the Meet and Greet at the
Aztec Civic Center.

There was a huge crowd and they got to visit with all the speakers as we did a "Meet and Greet" We had Crash Site Tours running throughout the day as well. On
Friday we had a book signing at Hard Backs on Main street. Lots of
people, we all had a good time, and I'm looking forward to returning
to mysterious Aztec!

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Friday, November 26, 2004

Skywatch's Director to appear in Documentary

Author and UFO investigator Jim Hickman of Elk City will appear in "UFO Files" a documentary on the History Channel, Monday, November 29 at 7 PM.
The documentary is titled "New UFO Revelations: Cattle Mutilations" and features a segment with Hickman at the Oklahoma State University animal disease laboratory.
Executive director of Skywatch International, a non-profit research group that investigates UFO sightings and other phenomena worldwide, Hickman is the author of The Alien Menace and 5000 years of UFOs - are we really alone?

The History Channel documentary will explore the belief that extraterrestrial beings bear responsibility for the grotesque and bloodless slaughter of farm animals - known as "cattle mutilations"- that have occurred around the world. Viewers will watch an actual field investigation unfold as the program delves into the history of the called mutilation phenomenon - going back as far as 1897, according to Hickman - and its connections to UFOs.

Happy Thanksgiving

Hello, from Jim and the Staff Members of Skywatch International (

The Staff at Skywatch would like to take a moment to wish our United States membership a very Happy Thanksgiving. In the spirit of "Thanksgiving", we'd also like to thank both or National and International membership for the support you provide to keep Skywatch going! It is through your support and donations that we are able to bring you the latest in "what's in our skies". I'd also like to personally express my appreciation to my staff and everyone who helps make Skywatch International "THE" one-stop source for UFO news!